Supera Youth

Supera Youth informs young people about sexual health issues in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies

in teenagers. This program also informs about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and gender violence.

Our objective is to improve life quality for the most vulnerable populations in Nuevo León, México.

In this organization we provide educational tools for improving life conditions for teenagers in sexual health, reproductive health and personal improvement issues. This is accomplished through education programs for teenagers, informing about the importance of safe sexual practices as a preventive measure for unwanted pregnancies and STDs. These teenagers get involved in cultural workshops in which they promote sexual health in their communities. It also offers reflection spaces for all the young people in order to prevent all types of violence, specially gender violence.

Young People

In 1987, we created the Young Adults Program with the support of international organisms, such as the United States Agency for International Development (UDAID), the International Planning (IP) and The Population Council (PC) with the aim of causing great impact in society.

In 1997, we made an alliance with The Mexican Foundation for Family Planning (MEXFAM) and in 1998 the Young Adults Program changed its name to Young People. The alliance was made thanks to the sponsorship received by Packard Foundation for four years in order to work in specific municipalities in Nuevo León, México and the support from the William H. Gates Foundation, which made the Coahuila chapter possible.

In 2014 and 2015, the Young People's Program received support from the SEDESOL's Habitat program for workshops to promote sexual health in teenagers, through artistic, cultural and sport activities.

The Young People's Program is divided in three:


We inform teenagers about sexual health. Specialized experts give workshops dedicated to sexual education, family communication, psychological and social changes in adolescence, as well as hygiene courses and gender violence prevention.


We attend teenagers individually. The equipment in the Supera's medical clinics is used to provide specialized medical attention.


We inform about sexual health, through informative and recreational activities.

Dance 4 Life

This program contributes to prevent HIV together with the global change movement in which teenagers and young adults become change agents through physical activation.

Superarte: Culture of Legality

We promote and develop culture of legality in teenagers and young adults using formative participatory tools in order to generate critical reflection in their environments. It also encourages the expression of ideas to strengthen social integration and resignification of teenagers' life process in order to raise responsible citizens comitted to the environment's transformation.

Voices of Nuevo León

We focus on preventing youth violence in vulnerables communities through cultural production and consumption, becoming change agents and improving family relationships. This is accomplished by creating choruses throughout vulnerable communities. The choral practice improves the quaity of life of children and teenagers within the ages 6 through 15. Choruses also help promote the culture of legality and prevent school and community violence.

Transforming lives through technology

We contribute to develop digital abilities, from the basics to web and app development, promoting creativity and youth empowering. We transform teenagers' realities and strengthens their autonomy in solving social problems.


The CAIPA Program focuses on the generation of care and social reintegration models for young people from 12 to 17 years old that have involved in different crimes. The process adheres to the new criminal justice for teenagers and it includes the design of psychological, educational and sociocultural attention strategies.

USAID: Youth transforming youth

We work to influence on risk factors for youth and gender violence. To achieve this we promote the construction of alternative and positive masculinities that promote gender equality. All these actions build strong and resilient communities.

It is never too late to be what you might have been

George Elliot

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